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Par-3 Course - LI'L Rock

The 9-hole par-3 course, called Li’l Rock, is meant to complement the expanded practice range and shortpar 3 golf course hobbs game area. Li’l Rock was built to facilitate walking, families, beginner golfers and kids. The course is open with player-friendly features. The length of shots range from a sand wedge (less than 60 yards) up to a driver (185 yards). Sand bunkers are shallow and easy to navigate. The fairway and green approaches flow directly into the adjoining tees allowing for multiple teeing locations and interesting shot values. This design feature enables a player to “call their shot” from just about any area adjacent to the green that was last played.

Li’l Rock complements an expanded practice range, which has enough length to allow practice areas on either end. Targets are provided at specific lengths for the highest levels of practice. A short game area is incorporated into the teeing ground at the end of the range to double as fairway for chipping and intermediate length shots. All practice areas and greens have been constructed in the same style and technique as the greens on the main course and replicate to the extent possible everyday course conditions.

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